Sunday, July 31, 2011

                           Including Synchronic Tools with EFL Class in Saudi Arabia


               For me as future English language teacher. I will be using those tools for a lot of reasons, first of all as a digital native person its important to deal and teach the students in their own language which is the digital language. For me not all of my teachers where digital natives and that made the learning process boring for me. Other reason using synchronous tools will make the student feel that the process of learning is easy when it comes to the work that requires voice exchange. Back in the day or in some old methods the teacher would listen to us students during the class and when the time is done she will have to wait for the next class to complete the tasks or the work that the students were asked to talk about as an assignments or homework..etc
              That kind of teaching is boring and it didn’t make my learning process any easier. But my role now is to introduce these tools make the student’s experiences much more relaxing and interesting and simple. Since they are a digital native students its understandable for them to deal with these kind of tools. And me using those tools is taking me and my students in the right direction. What is normal is for the future to be easier and faster and that means that I still have a lot to learn new things will be out there for future education methods or techniques and tools.

             No drawbacks in my opinion because I don’t think that there is anything negative about moving forward with the education process and archiving the best ways that can make it easier for both sides students and teachers.

Monday, July 25, 2011

just thinking

Today I was going through my pictures and i have  come a cross this one .
this picture brings back alot of nice memorise ,it was taken in lebanon and its a picture of the famous rock 'al rosha'.
I had an amazing time thier me and my family took a small trip on aboet to get  closer  to the rock. it was an amazing view makes me think of how beautiful is the nature  and how it can stand out from the other work of humans and how the try to make look like something to be amazed by .it can be good but the nature is far more intersting to me.
Iam sitting now looking at the pictuer and i cam almost smell  the see and hear the sounds of the  people and the water .

i really wish to visit this place soon i do  miss it alot.

Friday, July 8, 2011

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students.

I  would start by teaching them how to create an account in :
Blogger and wiki space and delicious and after that I would create a tutorial for them to follow and let them try to do it on their own:
:The blogger tutorial:
*here is the tutorial video : 
1-They have to go to and click sign up and then fill up the blanks. After  you finish the  three steps click on follow in each page.
2-Name your blog .
3 -make sure to write or save your URL link to your bloge ,name and pass word.
the next step is creating a wiki:
1-go to  and start signing up and filling the blanks  with your informations.
2-Name your wiki .
3 -make sure to write or save your URL link to your wiki ,name and pass word.

After that creating  the delicious account:
1- go to and start signing up and fill in  the blanks with your informaions.
2-make sure to write or save your URL link to your delicious account ,name and pass word.
3- start bookmakring and adding the links you need to add tag your links.

The next step is checking  the students work make sure that they followed the  steps correctly.
After creating their accounts I will use these accounts in start assigning them with some tasks  to do
-first I would ask the  students to post their own opinion about educational technology and how it benefits them to study this course.
-Let the students express them self's through their wikis and blogs.
-Ask them to add links and bookmarks on  delicious that helped them developing their wikis and blogs.
I  would communicate with them learn more about them through using these sites .



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Application of Bax Normilasation in Saudi Arabia: The how!"

Stephan Bax argues that, "Our aim should be to attain a state of `normalization' in which the technology is invisible and truly integrated"
he suggested  three phases of CALL and he explained each one of them. the main goal that he was talking about is archiving normalization to  the point where we don't know that technology becomes  invisible. and taking this to the classrooms and institutions is what  he aims for. He suggested that:
CALL will reach this state when computers (probably very different in shape and
size from their current manifestations) are used every day by language students and
teachers as an integral part of every lesson, like a pen or a book. Teachers and students will use them without fear or inhibition, and equally without an exaggerated respect for what they can do. They will not be the centre of any lesson, but they will play a part in almost all.
he also listed stages of normalization:
1. Early Adopters. A few teachers and schools adopt the technology out of
2. Ignorance/scepticism. However, most people are sceptical, or ignorant of its
3. Try once. People try it out but reject it because of early problems. They can’t
see its value—it doesn’t appear to add anything of ‘relative advantage’
(Rogers, 1995).
4. Try again. Someone tells them it really works. They try again. They see it does
in fact have relative advantage.
24 S. Bax / System 31 (2003) 13–28
5. Fear/awe. More people start to use it, but still there is (a) fear, alternating
with (b) exaggerated expectations.
6. Normalizing. Gradually it is seen as something normal.
7. Normalization.
here in Saudi Arabia before technology had almost nothing to  do with teaching but know days what bax is talking about as changes to achieve these normalization with technology  is starting to emerge in the Saudi educational society .computers and different technologies items is  being presented here  in schools teachers are aware of the importance of CALL, and i do see that as a student in  YUC  and in different schools in my era .it's hard and new thing at the beginning but it will become easier to accept  I would say by the Saudi teachers  and students. Lately I have  been hearing new ideas like using iPods and laptops in the classrooms as  teaching and learning technologies in Saudi Arabian schools but who knows where will it get in few more years  am  guessing for the best enshAllah.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hello everyone
welcome to my blog . I will be more than happy to share my experiences with you. And I do some writings , all kinds of writings and it would be my plesure to share it with everyone and get everyones opinion about it. I am intersteted in all kinds of education not only formal but like doing research on my own and read and learn about so many things. I am so excited to start my posts and I would love to hear what you have to say about it .

Thank you for visiting