Friday, July 8, 2011

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students.

I  would start by teaching them how to create an account in :
Blogger and wiki space and delicious and after that I would create a tutorial for them to follow and let them try to do it on their own:
:The blogger tutorial:
*here is the tutorial video : 
1-They have to go to and click sign up and then fill up the blanks. After  you finish the  three steps click on follow in each page.
2-Name your blog .
3 -make sure to write or save your URL link to your bloge ,name and pass word.
the next step is creating a wiki:
1-go to  and start signing up and filling the blanks  with your informations.
2-Name your wiki .
3 -make sure to write or save your URL link to your wiki ,name and pass word.

After that creating  the delicious account:
1- go to and start signing up and fill in  the blanks with your informaions.
2-make sure to write or save your URL link to your delicious account ,name and pass word.
3- start bookmakring and adding the links you need to add tag your links.

The next step is checking  the students work make sure that they followed the  steps correctly.
After creating their accounts I will use these accounts in start assigning them with some tasks  to do
-first I would ask the  students to post their own opinion about educational technology and how it benefits them to study this course.
-Let the students express them self's through their wikis and blogs.
-Ask them to add links and bookmarks on  delicious that helped them developing their wikis and blogs.
I  would communicate with them learn more about them through using these sites .



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