Sunday, July 31, 2011

                           Including Synchronic Tools with EFL Class in Saudi Arabia


               For me as future English language teacher. I will be using those tools for a lot of reasons, first of all as a digital native person its important to deal and teach the students in their own language which is the digital language. For me not all of my teachers where digital natives and that made the learning process boring for me. Other reason using synchronous tools will make the student feel that the process of learning is easy when it comes to the work that requires voice exchange. Back in the day or in some old methods the teacher would listen to us students during the class and when the time is done she will have to wait for the next class to complete the tasks or the work that the students were asked to talk about as an assignments or homework..etc
              That kind of teaching is boring and it didn’t make my learning process any easier. But my role now is to introduce these tools make the student’s experiences much more relaxing and interesting and simple. Since they are a digital native students its understandable for them to deal with these kind of tools. And me using those tools is taking me and my students in the right direction. What is normal is for the future to be easier and faster and that means that I still have a lot to learn new things will be out there for future education methods or techniques and tools.

             No drawbacks in my opinion because I don’t think that there is anything negative about moving forward with the education process and archiving the best ways that can make it easier for both sides students and teachers.

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